Results 2017

Thank you everyone for attending the 2017 edition of the Empire Dance Championship. We hope to see you all next year!
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Heatlists 2017

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Sunday’s Heatlists that are not up yet:
1. Am/Am Pre-Teen/Junior/Youth Ballroom will start at 4pm
2. Am/Am Pre-Teen/Junior/Youth Latin will start at 4:30pm

Newcomer Special

Empire Dancesport Championship is proud to announce:


Unlimited single dance entries for students in Newcomer and/or Pre-Bronze Levels for one fee! Students may enter in Ballroom, Latin, Rhythm and/or Smooth and may compete in two age levels.
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Dress & Costuming Rules

Pre-Teens must dress as listed below. PRE-TEENS a. Boys (1) Trousers  (a) Black or dark blue color only  (b) High waist optional  (c) Underfoot strap optional  (d) Satin stripes are allowed. (2) Shirts  (a) Plain white or black long sleeved collared shirt only (no wing collars)  (b) No pleats or ribbing  (c) Sleeves to be…